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Vacuum Cards

The Vacuum Card serves as a sacrificial layer during machining operations on our DATRON vacuum tables. The engineered structure of the Vacuum Card distributes the vacuum evenly ensuring uniform holding force even when machining into the sacrificial layer by minimizing vacuum losses.

Adhesive Vacuum Card is designed for applications where even the smallest parts need to be held reliably. The addition of an adhesive grid provides extra holding force when needed. Just like our standard Vacuum Card it provides a sacrificial layer during machining operations on our DATRON vacuum tables. The adhesive is quickly cleaned up with ethanol.

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Bulk Orders

Save money and always have an ample supply of vacuum cards in stock. DATRON offers the option to purchase a skid of 1,000 vacuum cards at one time, that lowers the cost per vacuum card by buying in bulk. It also substantially saves on shipping costs with a one-time shipment.

Call (603) 215-5890 to place your order by telephone.

Note: The bulk order of Vacuum Cards cannot be purchased on the website. Shipping quoted separately.

Vacuum Cards


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Article #
The number of cutting flutes in the tool determine how much material can be removed per rotation. For high speed, bulk material removal, single and double flute are recommended. Higher flutes will produce finer finishes, but may require a lower RPM than single flute mills.
Nominal cutting diameter of the tool

Cutting Diameter
Shank diameter where the tool is in contact with the holder. D2 diameter can be too large for some machine spindles and smaller diameters may need an adapter to be used with spindles.

D3= Toric cut diameter is the relief made above the cutting flutes on the neck to allow a tool to have longer reach when milling deeper features. Also known as extended reach.
L1 is the total length of the tool from tip to base.
L2 is the length of the usable cutting edge of the tool. This is only the flutes. Also known as flute length. This determines the amount (depth) of material that can be removed per pass.
Cutting Depth
L3= This is the overall reach a tool can be used. Flute plus any relief made by reducing the diameter in D3. AKA known as reach
Radius of the cutting tip/nose.
Edge Radius
A= angle of a cutting edge. Drills, engraving tools and countersink tools aka point angle.
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Standard Vacuum Card 500mm x 400mm x 0.7mm
9 in stock
50 Sheets per box
Max: 9
Min: 1
Step: 1
Adhesive Vacuum Card 500mm x 400mm x 0.7mm (5mm x 5mm Grid)
10 in stock
20 Sheets per box
Max: 10
Min: 1
Step: 1
Bulk Order: Standard Vacuum Card 24” x 36” x .023"
20 in stock
1,000 Sheets per skid

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